Tell us a bit about yourself and your company Road to infamy.

Andrew and I (Jeff) were roommates when we started Road To Infamy Games (R2i Games) in 2014. Before then we were inventing games to just to entertain friends, including a Hunger Games RPG and a live action Mario Party. Eventually we decided to try to convert those fun hangout activities into reproducible gaming experiences, so we made our first game and namesake, Road To Infamy.

I do the graphic design, illustration, and marketing content, while Andrew handles finances, production, and logistics. Together we design “boiled-down,” games where every rule and component serves a strategic and compelling purpose.

Your two first games, Road to Infamy and Galactic debate was pretty small. How did the campaigns go?

If you’d asked me two weeks ago, I’d say they did just fine haha! With 376 and 584 backers respectively, we were happy to do small print runs and create fun games for our couple of followers. But the success of the Crypt campaign has definitely set a new bar for us.


You launched Crypt and it is a massive hit. What did you do differently this time? 

The goal was to make a game that was affordable and accessible to a wide audience. Even though the $9 price tag significantly cuts into profits, we’re hoping to show people that we can make a great game and build a reputation for R2i Games.

What’s the best kickstarter advice you ever received?

A day before Crypt launched, a friend that was proofreading our page told us that we weren’t highlighting the small-box aspect of the game. I think that one important change to the page made a huge difference. Thanks Marco, we owe you a beer (or twelve).

What do you think is the most important element of a Kickstarter page?

A clickable thumbnail.

You have a rather short KS page. That is rather uncommon these days. Is that deliberate?

Yes. People don’t read. Minimalist graphics and animated gifs are better.

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I took a look at your kicktraq and saw that you had a big bump in the middle of your campaign. What happened?

We opened a new reward tier for the Kickstarter Exclusive, Gilded Edition of Crypt.

If you could change one thing with Kickstarter. What would it be?

I’m not sure how the platform still doesn’t have a built in pledge manager. And the WYSIWYG editor tool for building your page has always been finicky.

Do you have any role models in the board gaming industry?

Jamie Stegmaier. Any game creator that is not reading his blogis missing out.

Where can people reach you?

You can say hey to us at the Logan Square patio bars on a sunny day, or just email us at

Check out Crypt on Kickstarter