Tell us a bit about yourself, Thundergryph and Spirits of the forest.

I’m Gonzalo (you can call me Gon or Gonzo!) and ThunderGryph is my passion. I am so happy to be working in a hobby I love. Spirits of the Forest is our latest title and its live on Kickstarter!

When did you launch and why did you choose that exact moment?

We launched on Jan 2nd. We always like to hit the New Year with an abstract game. We decided the first Tuesday of the year to be our launch date for this series.

Spirits of the forest is your fourth game. What did you do to build up a following before you launched it?

We love this game so much that we decided to share everything about it one month before launch with the possibility to read the rules and play the game for free on Tabletopia. It was the first time for us and we enjoyed the process very much!

Did you do anything differently when you built a following for your first game Overseers?

Absolutely. Overseers was my first attempt on Kickstarter, but it was an excellent way for us to learn the way of crowd funding. With this experience we just put all our passion in making games that we hope people will love as much as we do.

Why do you think Overseers had so many backers?

We felt it was a combination of an interesting art direction and a very competitive pricing. Price was 22,00€ including shipping. We didn’t profit from that Kickstarter since our main goal was gathering an initial community.

All your games have each had thousands of backers. Why do you think they have done so well?

“Create a game for yourself” sounds like a dated cliché, but to me is the golden rule. Crowd funding breaks the barriers we have to make games, which is all down to the budget. Best part of it is sitting down and start throwing out a lot of crazy ideas. Thanks to our backers, we allow ourselves to make the game we dreamt of and I feel that is something they appreciate.



You have used early birds in some form on almost all of your campaigns. Why do you choose do that?

The early rush is our favorite thing. We feel it helps building up community engagement and helps us reach our break point early in the campaign.

The Kickstarter video for SotF is only a theme video and have no game explanation in it. Why did you do that and what is your general video strategy?

Our goal is to transport the viewers into the world we built for the game in a sixty seconds video.

Sometimes, like in abstract games, thematic is more like a vibe rather than a compelling story. Video should be able to excite curiosity to increase the attention spawn enough to go through the page.

What is your best marketing tip during a campaign?

Plan your advertising beforehand. During the campaign is all about your backers. Engage with the community, hear the requests and answer their doubts.

How do you structure your days during a campaign?

Early Bird rush is our main focus during the campaign. During the first 72h we never leave the campaign unattended. Then there is the mid slow down were we establish internal goals and we focus more on advertisement and then the final rush, which are the last 72h.

What’s the best kickstarter advice you ever received?

“You don’t have to launch today.” Amen to Jamey Stegmaier.

What´s your thoughts regarding stretch goals?

It is the best part of it! Improving the game and adding content is something that we really enjoy doing. Some Kickstarter creators say that Stretch Goals are not necessary. While for it is a very fun process, I still wouldn’t even try not having them.

What is your comment in the debate about paid vs unpayed reviews?

Reviews should never been paid.

That being said, I completely agree with the paid “preview” model for our Kickstarter videos. We work with different industry professionals and it is a great marketing tool for us.

What do you think is the most important element of a Kickstarter page?

The inside the box section that displays all the components backers will get.

How is it to run a board game company from Spain?

Amazing! It is a challenging but very exciting industry. Right now the team is not in Spain, but we plan to open our offices there late this year.

What is your favorite board game at the moment and why?

If I don’t say Robin Hood and the Merry Man, Martyn will kill me, but lately we have been working closely with Final Frontier and I’ve got to say I’m quite fond of it. Other games I’m in love with lately: the elegance of Seikatsu, the strategy behind Clans of Caledonia and I’ve got to say Spirits of the Forest! I’ve never played one of our games that much. I have the chance to play with many backers and I enjoy every single game.

Do you have any role models in the board gaming industry?

Way too many! I admire a lot of my friends in the industry and I’ve told them so a lot of times. I learn things from them every day.

Anything else you want to add?

I have to say this is the first campaign I have played on Tabletopia before the campaign and the Engament and feedback we have had has been great, right now we play most nights with backers. We also have a scheduled tournament when backers can win copies of the game. This engagement has been fundamental to a great campaign and I would like to thank the backers for this.

Where can people reach you?

Best way is at my e-mail:

Remember to check out Spirits of the forest on Kickstarter.