A Kickstarter superbacker is a person that backed at least 25 projects in the last year, with pledges at $10 or more. In other words they back a lot of projects. As a Kickstarter creator I always have a lot of questions I want to ask regular backers. Thats why I reached out to superbackers (and a few aspiring superbackers) on the web and asked them some easy but really important questions. The first question was:


Design, how professional does the game look and does it look fun. -Robert M (447  backed)-

1st thing I do is scroll down the page to look at the components and stretch goals for the project.  I like to know I’m getting some kind of extra value for being willing to accept the risk of backing an unknown. -Becca (305 backed)-

The reward tiers. I do a quick glance at the cost of the tiers. Next I figure out what each tier is offering. -Karl (300 backed)-

Usually I look at pictures of the pieces and board these days. Most games have polished samples before KS nowadays. Used to be hard to guess the final quality from art samples. For non games I look for samples or a table of contents or the like. -@_attriel_ (250 backed)-

The first thing I look at when I look at a Kickstarter page are the pledge levels, followed closely by the possible stretch goals. If there are reasonable pledge levels and stretch goals, I’ll back it. If I’m on the fence about any of it, I’ll at least set a reminder, and re-check it in the last 48 hours. –Eric P. (157 backed)-

I always look at the pledge levels first to see if they are reasonable and what shipping prices are for the rewards. Then I scan the page to get an idea of what the game, or project, is about. I almost never watch the video, but I do look for images of the product. I don’t go any further on many projects. Then once I’m finished with that if the project has my interest I’ll read through the entire page, check out any updates, and then decide if I’m going to back the project. -Joseph B (113 backed)-

I look for rules, how to play video and components and price – @thegdgame (108 backed) –

The first impression is important so the first opening images are the ones that attract my attention. Also the goal of the campaign… Is the money achievable are they hoping for a fair amount.  Finally I look the organization of the page. If it’s too cluttered I walk away.    -Erick A. (70 backed)-


I look at the campaign page – on mobile versions of Kickstarter, it always forces you to look at the backer levels page first, so I switch over to the description of what the game actually is first.  I read the quick description of the game and then look for pictures of components.  Finally, if it looks interesting enough for me to get that far, I will look at the price. -Chris W (70 backed)-

Overall structure and images. If I’m interested, I might look the video and read the page from top to bottom. – @BoardGamerWkly (70 backed)-

I look at a couple of things usually:

  • Introduction video: to find out whether project (that for some reason caught my eye initially) is in fact what I thought it is and is something I’m really interested in
  • Pledge levels (i.e. review pledge/reward details and corresponding pricing)

For me, these two things do great job sifting out projects I’m interested in investigating further. If general idea behind the project doesn’t resonate with me (video alone is often enough to make a conclusion) or if I find it too/unreasonably expensive, I usually stop right there. -@kion (56 backed)-

If there are Early Bird Rewards I need to pledge within a certain time frame. -“The doctor” (36 backed)-

Generally I’m attracted to Kickstarter projects that are advertised elsewhere.  Whether that be on other websites (primarily gaming), or through projects that the creator has completed in the past, that’s what lures me in.  On Kickstarter itself I have a look around once I’ve decided to back the project that drew me in (or not).  If I’ve been drawn from elsewhere I firstly look at the levels you can back the project at.  If I have noticed the project on Kickstarter then I will firstly read what the creator has written about the project. –@jac0byterebel (35 backed)-

The theme has to resonate with me, and the right artwork .                              -@wreck_and_ruin (30 backed)-

The first thing I look for is the video. -Alfred P (29 backed)-

Stretch Goals, Delivery Date, and Pricing points. – Michael C (10 backed)-

Kicktraq extension (full disclosure, I work for Kicktraq – that said, we built the thing because we’re backers, not the other way ’round.) -Meloney B.-

Generally the photo at the top of the page. -Magnarinfectus (7 backed)-

The goals. – Edgardo M (2 backed)-

I also asked the superbackers two other questions. Those answers will be published some time in the near future.

If you are a superbacker and want to be interviewed, let me know by sending your email in the contact form.